Is Coaching Necessary for IAS Exam Preparation?

This question haunts every beginner. It would be a lie if anyone says that coaching is absolutely not necessary. At the same time, cracking civil services exam is possible without coaching.

Let us find out whether coaching is necessary or not for IAS exam preparation.

Why The Need?

The IAS exam is known to be the toughest competitive exam in the country. The objective of the exam is to choose the brightest candidates for the prestigious and most important posts of the government. Hence the toughness. The mandate for conducting the exam is with the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

The UPSC, also known in common parlance among the IAS aspirants as the Unpredictable Service Commission, tests the candidates on various aspects, both subject-wise and personality-wise.

Year-on-year UPSC is increasing the toughness of the exam. It is the same with this year’s exam. Candidates who have a basic understanding of things and with ample amounts of practice would become successful. Those with coaching will thus have some advantage over others here.

Also, lakhs of candidates try their luck in the exam. Many have dreams of becoming an IAS officer but are unaware of the demands of the exam and fail in it. Many others are capable enough to clear the exam but are either misguided or are confused over the exam. They are like a raw diamond who needs polishing to shine.

Coaching will provide an avenue for polishing yourself and bringing out the shine. 

What Does Coaching Centres Offer?

Offers Guidance

For a beginner candidate, CSE exam is confusing. Questions like how to start? where to start? and how to approach the exam? comes up. Friends and well-wishers can provide limited guidance.

Whereas, coaching centres offer in-depth guidance on how to go about the preparation for the exam. You can get guidance on the requirements of the exam, assessment of your capabilities and shortcomings, tackling the various nitty-gritty of the exam, generate overall awareness about the exam.

Offers Knowledge

This is the major part of why to choose a coaching centre. Coming fresh out of graduation, many candidates have limited knowledge than what the UPSC demands.

For this exam, understanding the basics is key. It is especially true for Preliminary exam. Coaching centres provide this basic knowledge. They make the candidate gain ample amounts of knowledge that is required for the exam. Also, at the coaching centres you can get precise and concise study resources that help you in your preparation.

If you are a candidate who has left a job for attempting this exam, then coaching will definitely help you. It will save you time and enables you to prepare for the exam in a short duration of time. Or you can take the coaching and prepare for the exam while working.

At coaching centres you can understand the competition, meet like-minded people for group studies, exchange of views and ideas etc.

All these make coaching an important aspect of civil services IAS exam preparation.

IAS Exam Preparation

How To Choose A Best IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi?

Candidates often fall prey to marketing gimmicks of fraudulent coaching centres. Careful thought should be given before choosing one. Here are some ways to identify a good coaching centre.

  • Student’s Voice – When you pay a visit to a coaching centre, the first thing you need to find out is the student’s voice. If the reputation of the institute among the students is good on an average, then you can assume that it is a good institute.
  • Faculty – Good coaching centres have well-reputed faculty. When you enter the world of civil services preparation, you will know about lecturers who that are excellent and those that are not. Classic IAS Academy have experienced and renowned Faculty members.
  • Resources – Though this will not give a clear picture of an institute, in general, good institutes provide well-curated study materials.
  • Track Record – Look into the latest performance of the institute in the results list. Well-reputed institutes are most successful too.

All said, the choice of joining a coaching centre is personal. One can go alone and prepare without any coaching. There are many success stories where they haven’t taken any coaching. If you are unsure of going alone, then take coaching.

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